Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken DipAnother reason why I am obsessed with crockpots: this recipe. This buffalo chicken dip is delicious and surprisingly ‘healthy’! I use healthy in this instance simply to demonstrate that it is relatively low is calories, fat, and sugar. Using a crockpot makes this a very easy starter to pull together. All you do is mix your ingredients, wait, then serve to hungry people! It’s all the flavor of buffalo wings and none of the messy, sticky hands! This is an especially fitting recipe given that football has also just started up. Can someone say Superbowl Party ideas? I know, I’m jumping the gun a little bit, but don’t pretend you weren’t already thinking about it! Continue reading

Vegetarian Eight Layer Party Dip

8 Layer Party DipWe love love love Mexican flavors. Honestly, what’s better than the flavor combination of guacamole, sour cream, and spicy jalapeños? This delicious and vegetarian dip combines those 3 along with 5 other delicious flavors to form the ultimate party snack! You can also always jazz this up and add ground beef to appease your more carnivorous friends. I made this with some of my veg-head friends in mind, as a party snack for our Housewarming Party (more on that in a later post, don’t you worry)! The best thing about this dip is that you don’t have to cook a single thing, and putting everything together takes less than 20 minutes! Even still, with such a short preparation time, I guarantee it will take even less time to disappear into your friends’ bellies :-)  Continue reading

Akshay’s Graduation Party!

Nevin’s cousin, Akshay, graduated from high school this past spring and is now enjoying his freshman year of college in DC! When we moved into our new apartment, we were lucky enough to have Nevin’s two cousins, Akshay and his brother Aman, help us with some of the heavy lifting. In return, we made them a couple of items from the blog. Turns out they both enjoyed my meatballs and strawberry lemon bars so much that Akshay asked I make enough for ~ 90 of his friends for his high school graduation party! I was beyond flattered, and Nevin and I got right to work! Continue reading

Strawberry Milk Cupcakes with Mascarpone Whipped Cream

Strawberry Milk Cupcake with Mascarpone Whipped Cream


I wanted to try something a little different and Nevin had a hankering for strawberry milk a couple weeks ago. We ended up buying that bizarre Hershey’s strawberry syrup that you can stir into milk. I’ve always been a milk fanatic (seriously, I go through about a gallon a week solo) but never had strawberry milk that much. Generally if I wanted to mix it up, I’d go the chocolate milk route, but I do remember being pleasantly surprised as a child by the strawberry Nesquik powder flavor. Needless to say, I decided to use that weird syrup in a baking recipe! It just so happened to be a friend at work’s birthday (hi Maddie!), so it was a perfect excuse to bake :-D The end result ended up being awesome! In retrospect, I should have used a little more strawberry syrup to get more of a pseudo strawberry milkshake, but I was worried it would taste too sweet or artificial which is why I wasn’t too heavy handed with it. The mascarpone whipped cream was out of this WORLD and paired perfectly with the sweet cake and fresh strawberry topping. I wish I could take credit for the whipped cream recipe, but I got it from this awesome blog, foodlikecake. I hope you all like this, and remember, don’t be as shy as I was with the strawberry syrup! Embrace your inner child! If Nevdawg hadn’t I wouldn’t have this interesting recipe for you all :-D! Continue reading

Brownie Pudding

Brownie PuddingHello everyone! Sorry I haven’t been as active lately- it seems the time has gotten away from me. However, this recipe for brownie pudding will hopefully make up for lost time! This recipe creates almost a molten lava type dessert, with a flaky, brownie like exterior and a gooey, oozing chocolatey center. Drool-worthy. This dessert is incredibly rich and decadent, so you need to make sure to pair it with some vanilla ice cream and a tall glass of milk to avoid chocolate overload. This recipe is an adapted version from the Barefoot Contessa (told you Nevin had a crush :-0). Enjoy! Continue reading