Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2015. Nevin and I started the day off right with a gluttonous brunch. We had some mixed berry homemade muffins that were filled with delicious bites of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. IMG_3477This recipe will be coming in the near future! We also enjoyed chocolate chip, banana pancakes as well as nice scrambled eggs with peppers, onions, and cheese.  Continue reading

Jamaican Jerk Chicken with a Cucumber, Mint Yogurt


Happy holidays everyone! As always, I was spoiled rotten by my family and friends this Christmas and now have a whole bunch of goodies. I received a lot of cooking-related gifts, which I am thrilled about. Of particular relevance to this blog post are the gifts I received from my Uncle Bob. He got us these absolutely beautiful cook books spanning different cultures and cuisines. One of the books that caught my eye was an authentic Jamaican cook book entitled “Lucinda’s Authentic Jamaican Kitchen.”I knew that jerk chicken was next on my to-try list!

And boy was I glad I had this recipe because this dish was awesome! I had to adapt the recipe a bit, simply because I didn’t use a charcoal grill (1: I don’t have one and 2: it’s too cold to venture outside). However, baking it in the oven still gave it a nice, crispy skin while preserving the inside moisture. This was perfect paired with a refreshing avocado salad and a cool, cucumber and mint yogurt. Hope you all enjoy as much as we did!

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Spooky Halloween Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies!

Happy belated Halloween! I have always loved Halloween and all things festive that relate to this wonderful holiday. So, naturally, I had to make a special, spooky treat. As I’ve mentioned before, Nevin’s parents got us an amazing KitchenAid Mixer so I figured I’d use it to make a big batch of cookies! This recipe makes a seriously aggressive amount of cookies so feel free to halve or scale it down if you don’t want to have cookies for a month :-). Again, this recipe can be used for any roll-out sugar cookies. Get yourself some fun and festive cookie cutters and have a blast!

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Housewarming Party!


So this post comes about 2 months late, but better late than never! As you know, Nevin and I moved into an awesome new apartment back in July. We managed to get the place in good enough condition to have a housewarming get together in the middle of August! We invited a bunch of friends over, made some food, and enjoyed some drinks. Also, it just so happened to coincide with Han and Chewie’s 1st birthday, so we made sure they were dressed to impress and enjoy the lime light. Unfortunately, Chewie grew a little shy and decided to spend his evening relaxing under the sofa in Nevin’s office, so we didn’t get many pictures of him all dolled up. Luckily, we had attention seeking baby Han to fulfill that requirement. Continue reading