Han and Chewie

I never ever anticipated that I would ever love, or rather become obsessed with cats.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked cats just fine, but they pale in comparison to the companionship of dogs. Unfortunately, I am not in a position in my life right now where I have the time or flexibility to own a dog.

Thus, Nevin and I decided to adopt 2 brother kittens from a nearby shelter in Massachusetts. When we first met them they were so tiny, timid, and skiddish. But let me tell you, I had never seen any animals that stinkin’ cute. As soon as Nevin held the fluffier of the two, Chewie, I knew that we were adopting these kittens right then and there. 

Seriously: this was Han when we met him:


And this was Chewie:

244As soon as we took them home, we struggled to get them out of the cat carrier. They were so terrified and it broke my heart. But then they began exploring our apartment and playing with the plethora of toys we already had set up for them.

Being incredibly nerdy, we are obviously Star Wars fans. What better than to name 2 brothers after one of the best friendships in movie history? Thus, the fantastic names of Han and Chewie were assigned to our kittens. We anticipated that they, too, would demonstrate a loyalty to one another and form a lasting friendship- while continuing to be pretty badass.

I now introduce Han and Chewie! They are extremely important to this operation as they personally taste test every single recipe on this blog and provide very insightful critiques. Just kidding, they would probably die or have the most vile litter box- and trust me I am NOT cleaning that up.HanChewie

In all seriousness, they do observe and help in the kitchen (and constantly try to sample anything dairy or meat), and for this, they are pertinent to the success of all recipes.

I am now embracing that I have become a crazy cat lady and while this is intended to be a cooking blog, I will be occasionally posting pictures of my adorable cats as well as hilarious cat videos. Enjoy!!



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