Blogging Behind the Scenes


Cat on a laptopTurns out Han wanted to prove a point that “Chef Chewie” is not the only cat who can blog. Chewie got kicked to the curb for this photo shoot. I guess it is time to come clean that both Chewie and Han actually run this whole operation and that I have never cooked a day in my life. They only keep me around for my opposable thumbs, which makes typing up the recipes significantly easier for them. 

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Great recipes are coming this week for you all to enjoy! And with that I must go back to serving my feline masters. Han is always watching. IMG_2215


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  1. May the fourth be with you all!

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    1. chefchewie says:

      And with you! We are currently watching MythBusters Star Wars edition before Game of Thrones :-D



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