Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday to Nevin!

First off, all of us (Nevin, Han, Chewie and I) would like to wish all the moms out there a very happy Mother’s Day! Coincidentally, today is also Nevin’s 29th birthday!! (geezer! :-0) To celebrate, we enjoyed some tapas at our favorite brunch/tapas place, Masa, on Friday night.  Then on Saturday, we went out to Lolita’s Cocina and Tequila Bar in Boston. It was so much fun! We highly recommend getting the lobster enchilada there. It was divine. If I can ever rationalize buying lobster at a market or something, you KNOW that I will be attempting a copycat recipe. After that, we went to Top of the Hub at the Prudential Center to have a drink and take in the beautiful views of the Boston skyline. Now on to the actual birthday: today. It was the most spectacular day Boston has seen yet this spring! We started at  the museum of science in the morning and then walked all along the Esplanade and decided to get some hot dogs for lunch. Back at Duke, there was this awesome cart called Pauly Dogs that had the most incredible hot dog toppings, so I tried to recreate my favorite dog, the Thing 1 with Chips, but at Spike’s Junkyard Dogs. I got a hotdog with chili, cheese, BBQ sauce and hot sauce. Then I crunched up some potato chips and sprinkled them on top. YUM! Obviously not as good as the original, but not too bad! Anyways, as I’ve mentioned previously, Nevin’s favorite dish that I make is my meatballs. For his birthday dinner this evening, we enjoyed these. The original recipe can be found here. And here is a picture of some birthday meatballs as well as one of a handsome lad enjoying them! Birthday Meatballs




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