a blog focusing on home cooking.

Here I hope to share my passion for cooking and experimenting with you. Through this blog, I aim to embark on a culinary journey, highlighting some of my ‘tried and true’ recipes as well as any successes I encounter along the way.

The whole family is actively involved in this endeavor. I have the absolute best sous chef and coincidentally my other half, Nevin aka Nevsicle aka Nevmeister Flex working the cutting board and moonlighting as blog photographer.


We, along with our kitties, Han, Leia, and Olivia, as well as our pup, Obi, will work together to bring you some delicious additions to your recipe books. Of course, every so often I will have to pay due diligence to our fur-babies, so you may seem some pet – centric posts from time to time :-).

I hope you all enjoy reading and trying out my recipes as much as I enjoy making them for you!