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2015 Updates

As promised, this post will provide some updates as to what Nevin and I have been doing in 2015 thus far. The reason that there was such a lull in posting came from a few different factors. The first was that I decided to apply to PhD programs in Neuroscience and Clinical Psychology and spent almost the entirety of late January – late February interviewing. I was very fortunate to be able to travel around the United States and meet some renowned professors from fantastic universities. Following this whirlwind of travel, I needed to decide where I wanted to go! That’s where Nevin and the cats came in. Continue reading “2015 Updates”


Han and Chewie’s Big Move!

Han and ChewieAs I mentioned, Nevin and I just moved into a new apartment! This apartment is significantly larger than our old place and the two little boys have been enjoying themselves tremendously! Here’s an idea of our new living room space:

IMG_2216 copyIMG_2217 copy

Needless to say, Han and Chewie have been LOVING the extra space.

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Bane Cat Episode 2

The next Bane Cat episode has come! Nevin and I have been anxiously awaiting the second episode of the YouTube Bane Cat series. While this one was not, in our opinion, as funny as the original, it was still entertaining and we will continue waiting for the next episode!

Nevin did enjoy the introduction of a new character in this series, but I hope it doesn’t become spread too thin and take the focus away from the Bane character himself.

What do you think?

Disney World and Star Wars Weekend!

Hello everyone! Nevin and I are pleased to report that we will be heading to Disney World this evening and won’t be returning until after Memorial Day!! Also, it is Star Wars Weekend from the 23rd to the 25th which is obviously perfect for us. Although our kitties, Han and Chewie, are bummed that they won’t be able to meet up with some long lost friends, they have decided to celebrate Star Wars Weekend a bit early, and in Boston.

Here is Chewie paying homage to Princess Leia, his brother’s true love (and showing Han that he approves): Chewie Leia

And Han showing Chewie that he admires creatures of all types through his excellent portrayal of Yoda:

Cat, you are. Love me, you will
Cat, you are. Love me, you will

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Blogging Behind the Scenes

Cat on a laptopTurns out Han wanted to prove a point that “Chef Chewie” is not the only cat who can blog. Chewie got kicked to the curb for this photo shoot. I guess it is time to come clean that both Chewie and Han actually run this whole operation and that I have never cooked a day in my life. They only keep me around for my opposable thumbs, which makes typing up the recipes significantly easier for them.  Continue reading “Blogging Behind the Scenes”

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